Investment: Re-Vive Brownfield Fund II (RBF II)

Re-Vive Brownfield Fund II Investment specifications

  • Company's inception year: 2012

  • KOIS investment year: 2013

  • Target population: environmentally minded residents

  • Geographies: Belgium

About Re-Vive Brownfield Fund II

There are thousands of unused polluted sites in Belgium. Polluted soil destroys local vegetation. This amplifies the effects of climate change, and also causes chronic health issues to people in surrounding areas. At the same time, demand for sustainable and high quality residential areas keeps rising.

Revive acquires, regenerates & builds sustainable real estate on former industrial brownfield sites. RBF II was founded in 2012 to invest in real estate projects led by Revive. It transforms the existing urban fabric and reduces pressure on scarce green spaces.

Sustainability is implemented in every segment of the project, from its building materials to appliances and renewable energy used. Once the buildings are inhabited, Revive continues to create awareness on how residents can reduce their personal CO2 footprint. For instance, electric charging stations & car-sharing parking places are provided, while regular parking spots are reduced.

Revive’s mission is to allow for people with different social and demographic backgrounds (priority given to middle-income and young families) to inhabit newly-built houses and interact with one another, notably thanks to the development of green spaces that accompany almost every project. The Revive residences are very popular due to their high-energy efficiency. It was the first company in Belgium to be awarded the B-Corp accreditation, which testifies to its sustainable and transparent way of working.

In 2013, KOIS invested in the Re-vive Brownfield Fund II. The company’s strong market knowledge, combined with an attractive network, provides Re-Vive Brownfield Fund II with all it needs to achieve its objectives, deliver above market-level financial returns to investors and generate a powerful social and environmental impact. This successful investment paved the way for a future partnership in which KOIS and Revive, together with Bank Degroof Petercam, co-founded Inclusio, the Belgian leader in privately funded sustainable housing.

RBF II's impact

  • 2,165 residential units

  • 29,740 non-residential space (office/industrial/services)

  • -25% average reduction of E-score (The Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) is a energy efficiency certificate for European buildings ranging from A to G)

For more info on Revive, visit https://www.revive.be/en/

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