Investment: Epoch

The population of elderly people in India will triple by 2050 and the country now faces the challenge of taking care of such a large senior population. Many elderly people already experience a lack of adequate access to quality healthcare and social isolation.

Moreover, the advent of nuclear families (families comprising only parents and their children) further complicates the issue, as many senior Indian people have no one to turn to when in need of help.

Investment specifications

  • Company's inception year: 2011

  • KOIS investment year: 2013

  • Target population: seniors in need of help with day-to- day living but not yet in need of 24/7 medical attention

  • Geographies: India

About Epoch

Epoch was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping to bridge the gap between elder care demand and supply in India. Epoch offers assisted living homes in India for seniors who require help with day-to-day living but are not yet in need of 24/7 medical attention. These homes provide high quality housing and include basic nursing care, as well as care for people with dementia and other neurological conditions.

Epoch Elder Care owns two assisted living homes, in Gurgaon, in the north of India, and in Pune, in the western part of the country. The Vermeer House in Gurgaon is a high quality home with 14 beds (12 bedrooms) that welcomes both seniors who are still socially active and those that are in need for psychological and/or physical (e.g. mobility) assistance. The Monet House in Pune has 7 individual bedrooms and is dementia-orientated as it is equipped with specialist dementia facilities that allow for individual dementia care programmes and follow-up.

In 2013, KOIS invested in Epoch, which opened its first home in July 2014. In 2017, Epoch has hit a 100% occupancy rate in its first two assisted living homes. The services of Epoch Elder Care are now focused on providing specialized services for seniors with chronic conditions, nursing needs or end of life care needs. They continue to specialize in dementia care and their program focuses on managing the disease condition by managing overall well-being and emotions.

Epoch's impact in 2019

  • 100% occupancy rate (Vermeer and Monet House)

  • 31 rooms

  • 34 residents

  • 57% patients with dementia admitted

For more info on Epoch, visit http://www.epocheldercare.com/

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