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Education & Employment is a global challenge. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030, 2Bn jobs will disappear due to automation. Their replacements will require specific skills. This is an issue both for jobseekers and employers, 40% of whom find it already difficult to recruit people with the skills they need.

At KOIS, we believe Education & Employment is a cornerstone of the development and societal growth processes. Inclusive and quality education, as well as technical and vocational training, will be key to equip young people with relevant employability & entrepreneurial skills.

To contribute in solving this issue, we partner with foundations, governments, corporates and service providers to identify & scale the most effective interventions through innovative finance.

sources: The Education Commission report 2019

What drives our project choices is the impact they create on society and the environment.

Over the years, we've had a consequent impact in these 3 areas:

Education & Employment, Health & Environment



Our times require a fundamental shift in the manner in which our lifestyle relates to the planet, both for our & our planet's sake. In fact, 11% of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to climate change impacts. When looking solely at cities in Africa & Asia, this number rises to 95%.

Environmental changes can result in migration, health issues and economic crises that will affect both developed & under-developed countries

Through our projects, we seek to show that impact investing has a role to play to tackle these challenges, and that innovative environmental finance can unlock capital for projects where it was not deemed relevant before.

sources: Conservation Climate change facts 2019; Verisk Maplecroft 2018

Our projects & investments in the environment sector

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In the world, 15,000 children die every day before the age of 5, while 2 billion people lack a basic sanitation service. In general, in 2019, around half the world's 7.3Bn people were not receiving the essential health services they needed.

At KOIS, we believe that achieving universal access to quality health services is possible if we harness the power of the public, philanthropic and private sectors together.

Everyday, we put our efforts into building a bridge between those sectors, by designing innovative financial instruments to address key health issues and increase access to affordable healthcare for all. 

sources: World Health Statistics 2018 & 2019

Our projects & investments in the health sector

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