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As a pioneer in the industry, KOIS promotes the development of the Impact Bond Mechanism by structuring, placing and managing Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) and Humanitarian Impact Bonds (HIBs). 

Blended Finance

In this working paper, KOIS explores ways in which blended finance can unlock SLU investments​. The executive summary is available here
The working paper was commissioned by the Blended Finance Taskforce and contributes to its consultation paper “Better Finance, Better World”. The Taskforce was launched as an initiative of the Business & Sustainable Development Commission in 2017 to look at blended finance from a private sector perspective and to see how blended finance can make the SDGs more “investable” for commercial players.  The Taskforce is developing an action plan to rapidly scale the blended finance market in order to mobilise more private capital for the SDGs, particularly for sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets and would welcome your feedback. 

The Taskforce commissioned a series of working papers on blended finance (including this one) to contribute to this action plan.  “Mobilising Institutional Capital at Scale for the Global Goals Through Blended Finance” was prepared by Convergence (and Tideline in an advising role) and catalogues investment motivations, requirements, and constraints of institutional investors in taking advantage of blended finance mechanisms.  “Blended Finance in Clean Energy” was prepared by the Climate Policy Initiative and analyses opportunities where blended finance can mobilise large scale private capital for clean energy.  “Financing Sustainable Land Use” was prepared by KOIS and explores how to unlock business opportunities in sustainable land use with blended finance.

All reports are available at http://businesscommission.org/

Social Impact Bonds

ICRC Humanitarian Impact Bond 

Projects under development

Topics under investigation

A SIB in France that provides a holistic housing approach for troubled families that lets parents and children live together as an alternative to foster care.